4TB my book world; only getting 1.81TB

I have a 1TB My Book World Edition (white light) that works great. So good in fact, that I recently decided to purchase the 4TB model. I just hooked everything up and everything seems to be working correctly except the drive under “My Computer” only shows 1.81TB available. 

Does the 4TB model come with mirror backup protection or something? Is that why I only see 1.81TB? I don’t know what else it could be. It says 4TB on the box it came in but only gives me 2TB.

If it is because of some backup protection, then how do I turn it off so I can take advantage of the full 4TB?


I believe default setting for My Book World 4TB edition is RAID 1.

Log in and change to RAID 0.  The size should change to 3.6 TB or so.

Make sure to back up your data as all data will be lost.

It may take few hours, so allow some time to complete.

Please note, if you change to RAID 0 there is no redundancy of data.

Refer to User’s Manual on RAID change instruction.

Good luck.