4tb my book not being recognized on xbox one

Never had any problems until about a week ago. Suddenly it wasn’t recognized. After resetting connections a few times with the xbox, it came back. Went away again yesterday, and now nothing I can do will make it show up again. Any thoughts? I do not have a windows PC with which to check the external against, all I have are macs, which do not show anything up when I plug it into them. Thank you for any help.

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Does the same thing happen if you connect the drive on any USB port on the Xbox ? Try a different port see if the sasme thing happens.

yes, I’ve tried all three usb ports.

do you know anyone that can let you connect this drive to a computer to do a diagnostic on the device?

I have  not currently had that opportunity. I’ve been told that the cables can fail on these sometimes, so I’m gonna pick a new one up tomorrow, if that doesn’t work, I will get someone to bring one over.

Hey, please keep us posted with updates on this. Also try to connect the power adapter directly to a wall outlets, sometimes this helps.

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thank you for all the help. The cable ended up being the issue. As soon as I replaced the cable, the hard drive was picked up again and everything has been working fine.

What wires did you replace. Both of them or just the USB? I’m having the same issue ugh