4TB My Book - how do I have one half active the other half backup?

Sorry if that seems obvious but I can’t find any info anywhere as to how to do this! I have about 1TB of info I want to back up and then i’d love to use the other half of the drive as an active external HD which will also back up onto the 1st half.

Firstly - does  that sound like a good idea? Or will I stitch myself up for later?

Secondly - How?



If you mean like having the 2 drives inside work independently from each other, that would be JBOD (Just a Bunch Of Disks), that configuration can be applied to the MBWII and the Sharespace, not the Studio II or the Mirror.

If you have it on Mirror mode (RAID 1) then both drives will always have the same data, but it will be seen as a single drive while JBOD shows the 2 drives.

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