4TB MBLD Received & Opened Today Side B Hard Drive Is JAMMED


I recently recieved 2x 4TB MBLD brand new. I opened the first unit today and sought to pull hard drives out as was curious what spec etc and i couldn’t slide out disk B so I opened the other unit and both disk’s slide out fine… I have tried pulling the drive out quiet hard using finger loop wholes but they feel as they’re about to strecth or break so I don’t know how to get the drive out… other than that the units look cheap and nasty a bit of paint chipped off metal screw guard just flaked off right out of box and I have spent last 4hours waiting for it to configure into Raid 1 Mirror which is only 30% complete so no doubt have to wait another 10 hours before I can use them…

Why the **bleep** it come configured as spanned and not raid 1 mirror. Edit: why is H.E.L.L censored =S ? I have read a lot about these My Book Live Duo’s and I’ve gotta say they’re grossly mis represented in their true capablitys just wish wosh sales properganda fraud… I am embarresed to own one of these… on papper they sound great in real life as some one else mentioned you’re better off taking hard drives out and junking the enclosures complete sham

Edit: Great so my laptop just froozed causing me to reboot (Never happened before) Do I have to start the mirroring process of again or is it safe to continue where it left off and can I shut down computer whils’t it mirroring off router

Sounds like you were sold a return as new. I would confront the vendor about that… You do not need to wait for the RAID sync to finish before using the drive… The sync continues even if you log out of the computer or Web dashboard.

The vendor is Western Digital both units came factory sealed exported from Aliso Viejo, CA, United States into the UK which is over 5,300 miles. I have tried getting it out using the black finger pulls with quiet a bit of strength anymore then the cheap plastic enclosure would break but it will not lift out so an exchange is hopefully forthcoming other than that It would not suprise me if it was a customer return.

About a month or two ago I was due a 300GB Western Digital VelociRaptor & 2TB Caviar Black both drives where imported from Amsterdam, The Netherlands I recieved a scuffed up box, A rectified 1TB Caviar Black &  a 4 year old decrapped VelociRaptor which I was really looking forward to as a System Drive but when i plugged in it made a continous high pitch whine noise seperate to the 10,000RPM spin that was not appropriate at all it was like server room loud so I returned both units and requested documentation that showed that unit had been rectified.

That is now in the past and I recently purchased a Corsair Geforce 120GB SSD which is due to arrive soon. I have a new question on my other unit it has just finshed reconfiguring into Raid 1 Mirror (Took 12Hours) I have forgot how to access it to transfer files.

On my laptop (Windows 7) It showed up fine after installed disc but on desktop Windows XP it is not showing up at all

Well, I guess it’s possible it was damaged in shipment, but I would think the shipping carton would give evidence of that.

But when you call for a replacement, make sure you require NEW, not a recertified RMA.

B Drive is now lifted out but is a very tight fit in and out so will now be exchanging.