4tb hdd

hi all.

im looking to rebuild my MBL after trying some things and breaking the OS. just wondering if its possible to use the MBL with a 4TB HDD? rather than the 3 thats in it. i still have FTP and SSH access, so i will just ftp the data over to the newly rebuilt data partition or my pc, and then to the MBL after its up and going.

but, i want to know beforehand if it wll work, as the drives are ~$200 so a bit to waste for a failure.

also, waranty is of no issue.



nfodiz successfully applied a 1TB HDD image to a 3TB HDD and also left instructions link below. I don’t see why you can’t apply that concept to 4TB HDD from my experience you can always go up but not down 


the link to the image is somwhere here in this guide


i know that it can be used for 1,2,3TB drives, but i do remember that some systems had problems goung from 2-3TB drives. just wondering if there is anything like that that could happen here.



well i rang WD, and got onto some bloke in india or somewhere, and he reckons that the firmware wont support 4TB drives. but he wasnt been overly helpful (kinda like he wanted to get me off the phone)

but i dont know if i beleive that.

does that seem likley? if it supports 3tb, i would think it also supports 4TB. just hoping that someone moreknowledgable than me would know.



well i bit the bullet, and confirm that using the V2 guide, a 4tb HDD will work in the WD MBL. despite WD’s techsupport telling me tha the firmware wont work.



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Thanks for the feedback yeah the idea that the device works on 1, 2 & 3 TB HDD’s but not 4 seemed a bit asinine. I’ve learned since I purchased the device that WD support isn’t always right. This here is the perfect example.