4TB Hard Drive filled up with only 1 TB of data

Sorry if this has been covered somewhere else but I’m new to this community. I have a 4TB My Passport Ultra and transferred a bunch of Music, Photos and Videos on to it. I have it set to autosync when I plug it in and now it is saying it’s filled to capacity even though I definitely did not have the ability to get 4TB of stuff onto it.

Anything I’m missing?

Thanks in advance!

Hi EGett702,

WD Backup maintains a second copy of the backup for data recovery purposes. It requires additional disk space for pruning older backups from existing backup plans. You can have a look on below article for more details in this concern.

Thanks for getting back to me Brandon. Can I delete the second copy if I were to manager the backups manually? I see there is are two folders with data (History and Volume). Are there any downstream affects if I delete the history folder and stop doing automatic backups? The space is more valuable to me and I date all my folders so I should be able to stay on top of what has been uploaded to the hardrive and what hasn’t yet.

Hope to hear from ya


Hi EGett702,

After deleting the “History” from WD Backup, you won’t be able to restore backed up data using WD Backup. Also, it stores the previous versions of modified files used in backup.