4Tb Drive Mounted to a 2Tb Board

I have a 4Tb My Cloud external hard drive. It quit working and would not power up with the provided power supply, so I found another WD power supply with the same power output rating. When plugged in it lit up and acted like it wanted to power up, but nothing happened. I took it to the local computer shop and the tech removed the drive, hooked it up to his computer and said he could see the drive, see that it had files, but was unable to look at the files or retrieve them. He concluded that the computer board that comes with the drive is probably bad.

He suggested that I could either send it to WD and have them recover the files for a fee, or I could possibly purchase a refurbished My Cloud unit and swap out the drives.

I went on to Ebay and found a certified refurbished 2Tb My Cloud drive. When I swapped out the drives, it powers up, the LED blinks blue, and then it blinks red.

Is the computer board only programmed for a 2Tb drive? Is there a way to make it work?

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