4tb constant Thrashing with everything turned off - Mac 10.10.1 Yosemite


4tb mybook with mac 10.10.1

Current Version WDMyCloud v04.01.02-417 : Core F/W

Last Update Wednesday, December 31, 2014 5:21:14 PM

I started using Time Machine with all other features turned off.

I noticed the drive seemed to be constantly thrashing even after Time Machine had finished hourly appends.

I’ve reset the system and turned OFF TM on the system …and every other feature available on the control panel and the drive seems to thrash along.

I’m really tired of hearing the drive thrash itself to a shorter life and do not want to turn the Time Machine back as I will probably never hear the end of the trashing.

Please let me know if you can help,


Hi there and welcome to the WD community.

This is a really strange behavior even with all the settings turned off. On this case i recommend contacting WD support for further assistance on this matter:


I turned the Time Machine back on and the backup seems Soooo Slooow… it’s takes like 3 hrs to back up 670mb!

I can’t believe it’s this slow for NAS.

Anyone else have any suggestions?



I resolved this with a few steps:

  1. Set the MyCloud to a fixed IP
  2. create a password for each of the user accounts on the MyCloud
  3. In the Finder, connect to the server IP using smb  (eg. smb://192.168.1.xx) with the user name and password and select the option to add the details to the keychain. Connecting using afp seems to be a problem.
  4. Add the server drive to the log in items for the Computer User account (drag the drive icon onto the window in System Preferences)
  5. When you log in the server loads and Time Machine backups start (only if Power Supply is connected on a MacBook Pro)
  6. If you can connect by ethernet, the connection seems more stable and backups are quick. I have 2 MBPros set up on the same 4TB unit and Time Machine works for both of them, with the back ups saving to the same share


Good luck