4T MyCloud largely inaccessible on restart when USB backup drive attached

By “largely” I mean the Dashboard will not connect, the WD MyCloud PC app cannot connect, neither can my iPod MyCloud app. However, my PCs and Macs can connect to it as a server over my home network and access the files. I’m running firmware version 4.01.01-413.

The scenario:

The drive has been working fairly well over the last few months. I now know better than to upgrade the firmware without a compelling reason. It almost never goes smoothly.

I back up the drive regualarly over USB to a 1T WD MyPassport drive, permanently attached. The safepoints have always been created on time, uneventfully.

On doing a routine dianostic via the dashboard, I noticed that the content scan reported an error. A quick diagnostic test also reported an error. That didn’t entirely surprise me, the drive had been up continuously for months, and I know the software is definitely a work in progress. The obvious solution is to power cycle the drive.

Next anomaly: the drive wouldn’t shut down on command. After a few more unsuccessful attempts, I pulled the plug.

I also know that starting up with the backup drive attached almost never works, so I disconnected it.

Power up worked well. Diagnostic quick test passed. Content scan passed.

Reconnecting the backup drive, and leaving it alone for a few hours to do whatever it does (the MyCloud suddenly becomes very active), I then tried to check the system with the Dashboard. It would not connect, eventually the browser (MS Explorer) gave up, same on Safari. The MyCloud apps wouldn’t connect either, but the PSs would as a network drive.

Disconnecting the backup drive didn’t help. As there was no way to command the drive to restart, I pulled the plug to power cycle it. That worked, and everything came up normal.

I tried connecting the backup drive a couple more times, each time with the same result.

So, now the drive is up, and diagnostics are fine. I even did a commanded restart to be sure that works and all is well. It is.

Now, I’ve seen behaviour like this before, usually after a firmware upgrade. Those are always best followed with a restart with the backup drive disconnected. Also, I’ve never known it to find the safepoint on the backup drive after the upgrade, necessitating me to erase the backup and create a new one.

Which brings me to what I know is the solution: erase the drive (quick format) and create a new safepoint. It never objects to an empty drive, only a full one.

Just one of many things I wish you people would fix. Though, when the MyCloud works, it works quite well.

Hi there , I would like to know if you have used a differetn usb drive on the unit to see if the same outcome happens?