4KB sectors RAID1 non boot question

Hello everyone. 

I’m running WIndows XP SP3.  If I’m not booting to my Raid1 array, is it necessary to run the realighment WD/Acronis tool?

Model drive: EDCWD10EARS-00Y5B1

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Any ideas?  I’ve tried to run the Acronis WD utility but it didn’t view the RAID1 as a drive that can be realigned.  I did realign the drive before I created the array but I had to reformat the drive after the array was created voiding the realignment (I’m guessing).  When I formatted the drive in Windows XP, 4096 byte sectors (4KB) was an option which I used.

The alignment utility needs to see the physical drive to do the alignment.  I doubt it works on a logical drive - which a Raid creates. 

However, if you ran the WD utility to align, and all you are doing is reformatting and not partitioning on the array, then you should be fine.  Reformatting won’t hurt the alignment once it’s done.  That’s part of partitioning the drive.  The only way you’ll be able to tell, for sure though, is by the performance.  If everything runs fine, then the array should  be fine.  If its performance is really slow, then the alignment was affected by the array.

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I did a performance test and the average rate was 50MBs and I noticed on Tom’s Hardware Guide they where getting speeds of over 100MBs.  So I broke my mirror, booted to the WD Utility, and it said the drives where not aligned.  So backed up my data, deleted the partition, recreated the partition, reformat and then run the utility on the drives again.  I’ll create my RAID1 array and test.  I have a feeling the speed will be slow.  We shall see.