4K x 2K

I’ve got monitors at 2560x1440.
I’m editing 4K/HD 3840x2160 at 30/60 fps/Hz.
Philips, Vizio, JVC are displaying their 21:9 HDTVs.
Vizio and others are also displaying their 4K x 2K HDTVs.
YouTube’s support of 4K.
JVC’s got a 4K consumer camcorder down the road.
Looking at the WD TV Live Hub, it supports HDMI 1.4, but looking at the current specs…
Can 4K support be added or is that new hardware?

A 4K movie in just a decent quality would require a bitrate of 100 mbit or more, the hub doesn’t even support that, not to mention that the hardware requirements would be a lot more than what the hub is capable of - I don’t think you’ll find much equipment that can handle it unless you look at the professional market!

I’m a little curious, why in the world would you want to have movies in 4K??

To me it is a bit like shooting ducks with a cannon, it’s hard to see the difference between a 720p and a 1080p movie from a distance of more than 10 feet unless you have a very big screen.

Furthermore a 4K movie in a decent quality will require more than 100 GB disk space pr playing hour, you won’t be able to store more than few movies on the hard drives available today!

Third row, NVIDIA Tegra quad-core – first demo.

trentv85050 wrote:
Third row, NVIDIA Tegra quad-core – first demo.

What am I supposed to look for?

I’ve seen discussions and video articles about the nvidia tegra quad-core before, but as far as I know it is designed for tablets and smartphones to give them a boost when playing games or watching movies in high resolutions.

I do not believe it is designed nor capable of playing high quality 4K movies.

This is still something that you probably won’t find in the consumer market for at least a couple of years.

Bottom fact is that the hub won’t be able to play 4K movies, and I don’t believe you’ll find any of the present media players capable of playing real 4K content!

Imagine a truecolor 4K video with a bitrate at 250+ mbit.

You still haven’t told why you want 4K movie playback?

Some info on 4K:


(Here you can see 4K movie specifications)