4k camera reset, dont know admin password


I bought a used readyview 4k system, and I’m having difficulties resetting the cameras. I was able to easily get the nvr reset by contacting microcenter tech support chat for a temp password… But the solution to reset the cameras was to just unplug, wait some time, and plug back in. that isn’t working. These 4k poe cameras were initialized by the original owner, and it has some password on them I do not know. I can see the camera has an IP, I can connect to its web interface, but I just don’t know how to log in. There is no reset button.on these 4k. I opened up the camera too and don’t see a reset button inside the camera either.

Anyone know how to reset the 4k camera? Is their some trick from the NVR while the camera is plugged in?


Please refer to the following KBA article: WD ReadyView: How to Reset a Camera

for 4k system here is the process: (4k’s have no reset button, and if you buy secondhand the camera has some password set on it already.)

  1. plug a laptop into one of the eight camera ports of the nvr.

  2. set your laptop ip to

  3. plug your cameras into the nvr too.
    if you dont know the ip’s of the camera, install eztools from univiewer
    it will scan network to find the camera ips.

  4. verify you can open a web browser to the login page of each of the cameras. Typically by going to http:// (updating ips for your setup)

5 once you can connect to the cameras, now its time to get the temporary admin password.

Go to

start a chat online.

send them this information

Hello I have a WD readyview 4k camera system that I need to reset the Password on.

The serial number is

and the time on the systems is Dec 1,2011

the camera defaults to date of Dec 1, 2011. There is no easy way to find the time that I know of. There is a hard way, but it’s too hard to describe here.

once you get the temp password, in your web browser connected to the camera, log in as admin with the temp password. If you get in, then change the password to a new one by going to setup, users, admin, edit.

Once complete, then you can go to your nvr login page and add the camera now that you know the password.

For anyone buying a second hand system, my recommendation is the following.
do not plug in cameras, but connect to nvr using one of the eight camera ports. (http: // is default address of nvr).
get nvr password reset same as above. The time for the NVR can be seen by connecting a monitor and mouse and click in the bottom right of screen.

Once logged into the nvr with a web browser, go to Setp, Maintenence, Maintenence, Export Config file. This xml file may contain the password of the cameras. Search for “UserPass” and try those. if that fails then request reset password as detailed above.