404 Forbidden


I have a problem connecting with my WD My Cloud from the outside. After trying to connect to the admin panel appears:


You do not have permission is access / on this server UI.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request."

I have a fixed external IP address and routed ports: 80, 443. The same ports are included in the configuration of the WD. I tried to disable the Firewall system - to no avail.

I tried to connect to the following addresses:

http: // server address: 80
https: // server address: 443

and other combination - to no avail

Please, any suggestions as to the issue.

How are you trying to access your device? Simply by URL in a browser?

I think you’ll need an app that follows a suitable protocol to gain secure access: the WD desktop or mobile apps, or via wd2go.com

So, I trying through the browser. Which application is used to operate the WD at the administrative level? I mean setting up user accounts and shares. ? of course outside the local network .

While not something I would recomend due to its inherent security risk but have you tried putting the WD My Cloud into the router’s “DMZ” (or similar) zone? Most consumer routers have the ability to put one device outside of the router’s firewall. Doing so however opens up the potential for the device to be hacked. Obvously allowing remote WAN access from outside the local network to the Dashboard is a security risk.

Its possible there is a hidden setting in the OS that would need to be edited via SSH to allow for remote WAN access.

I tried to add my WD ip address to the DMZ on my router - to no avail. I read on a forum about the configuration of such a solution and it looked very simple. Permanent, external IP address, redirected ports (set in administrative panel WD), possibly firewall configuration. Unfortunately, this configuration is not working.

Isn’t your ‘fixed public IP address’ that of your router, not your MyCloud?

Have you directed ports 80 & 443 to the MyCloud (so that http and https requests coming in to your router are passed to the MyCloud)?

Enter the IP address outside my router - not ip address My Cloud.
Ports 80 & 443 were forwarded to the local IP address MyCloud (TCP & UDP).

I have a question - or anyone Administrative Panel works in this configuration?

Hi there, as far as I remember the WD My Cloud doesn’t allow users to connect remotely to the User Interdace, this feature is only on the EX series.

Is there any other way to remotely manage my WD MyCloud? I mean setting up accounts and manage shares

Unfortunately, the only way I can think of is by remotely connecting to your computer and then managing the My Cloud this way.

To have access to the MyCloud with all permisions exactly as if you were locally situated, install a VPN server on your MyCloud or on your router.  Then a VPN client on your remote computer.  When teh VPN connection is made, you will be assigned a local internal IP address for your computer which will allow you to issue commands as if you were physically local.

mlik1987 wrote:

Is there any other way to remotely manage my WD MyCloud? I mean setting up accounts and manage shares

Yes. There are several possible options. It is possible to use remote access software like TeamViewer, LogMeIn and similar applications to access the local network (including the WD My Cloud) from a remote location. Another option is to setup a VPN tunnel to a device (router, PC, or possibly even the WD My Cloud) on your local network. There are a variety of ways to setup a VPN tunnel to your local network, but it will involve setting up a VPN server on your local network, configuring your router/gateway to forward ports to that VPN server, then configuring a VPN client on your remote PC or mobile device. Certain routers or router firmware (like DD-WRT and TomatoUSB) support OpenVPN. Similarly one can setup an OpenVPN server on a PC located on their local network. With some (probably a lot) work it may even be possible to install a VPN server to the WD My Cloud

See the following links for more information on various options:

How to Create a VPN Server on Your Windows Computer Without Installing Any Software

How To Connect Remotely To A Windows PC From Windows 7 & Windows 8.1

There is some disussion on running OpenVPN on a WD My Cloud device at the following thread: OpenVPN

 That thread appears to indicate that there already is a version of OpenVPN running in the WD My Cloud OS. Unknown if anyone successfully used it or modified it to allow for remote client OpenVPN connections.

Thank you for your response.