40 second reset not resetting?

It seems totally stuck.  I cannot get the 4 second or 40 second resets to work, and I cannot see the drive on my network any more.  I cannot factory reset because that can only be done through the web UI.  Any ideas?  I’m desperate because I don’t want to return the HDD with all my families pictures and info on it.

(Sorry for the multiple posts.  I meant to post this in the My Cloud forum.  Admin, please delete.)

What LED colors in front/back do you have? Check the colors, check manual to see what the color means and let us know.

Also, what happened? Dropped? Firmware upgrade? Power outage? New router? etc?

I think the OP posted in the wrong place (or deliberately cross-posted the same questions in multiple places.)

Since the MBL doesn’t have a 40-second reset, it’s certainly not an MBL.

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I thought it might had been a typo… :stuck_out_tongue: