4 TB My Book Live Duo win 10 issues


I set up my 4TB My Book Live Duo on my network yesterday without issue. My mac (connected to the network via ethernet) and Android devices (all Wifi) see it and can use it perfectly just via the built-in file manager and the WD apps. I’ve set up permissions and accounts etc (not my first NAS and followed all the instructions in the manual (PDF). I connected a 4TB WD My Book to the USB port and configured it via the dashboard and again my mac and Android devices see the attached USB drive as more storage just fine. I deleted all folders save for the public one and added a media folder and made that public. Again Mac and Android see this properly.

My Windows 10 PC (connected via Wifi) sees the WD My Book Live fine, but there are two issues that I cannot figure out.

  1. It does not see the new arrangement of folders, it sees folders that are not on my Drive like videos, audio etc(or are they just hidden from view?), but when I click on the storage folder it shows my folders that I created and their contents fine, so that is not a huge issue. But, it does not see the USB external drive connected to the USB port of the My Book Live.
  2. Using the Windows 10 built-in backup software or the old Win 7 Back Up software or even the WD back up software do not see the My Book Live Drive at all. Upon googling the issue I came across a suggestion to use the WD discovery software, which I tried, but it only sees the Seagate external drive connected directly to the PC, but no network drives at all. It is strange to me that the PC sees the WD Live but OEM backup software and WD only software does not see it.

Are there issues with Windows 10 and WD My Book Live Duo? If anyone has any suggestions other than restart the PC, The My Book Live or start from scratch I would appreciate the insight as I have already tried the former ideas.


My Book Live is a NAS drive and when My Book connected, My Book Live categorizes all data files into categories like Videos, Audios, and extras.
However, WD Backup doesn’t support NAS drives to create backup on it as it supports DAS drives to create backup on it. Also you can connect My Book directly with computer then WD Discovery will detects all DAS connected with the same computer.

I have a wired system and a 5TB Seagate drive storing video for my WDTV box. Until this last windows update, I could load and manage the video on this drive from my desktop. After the update windows see the WDTV unit but dose not see the drive attached. I need a workaround! Ideas please.