4 TB My Book: How to stop incessant backing up & delete

I inherited an issue at work. We have a computer that we do all of our digitization on, and it’s got a My Book AND a OneTouch hard drive hooked up to it. We thought it was just to store the images we were digitizing, but it turns out that the person who set it up, set it up to backup not only the computer… but itself. So, basically, I’ve got a My Book that’s nearly full, even though it’s only got 400 G worth of usable content on it.

I need to know how to a) stop the backing up. It doesn’t have an option for that in SmartWare. It wants me to either continuously back up (which is what it’s doing) or set it up on a schedule. I need it to stop. Since that person has left, we have a shared drive with the rest of our organization. Also, I need to delete all these backups (which I’m assuming I’ll know what i can delete with my own research).

There’s also a chance that somehow she’s got the My Book backing up the OneTouch, but it’s not setup to do that in SmartWare (but she may have created a workaround with a link to it or something, not sure)


Per your concern, I would refer you to follow this WD knowledge base article. If will wok.