4 questions in 1 to save clogging up board

I have four questions and thought I’d place them all in one thread to avoid clogging up the board.  Hope that’s ok!

Quick word about my setup.  WD-TV Live Hub connected via wired to router.  PC also wired to router.  Media stored on 2 seperate external HDDs (F and G) both connected to my PC. 

My Movie ISOs, Music Videos, and TV series on drive G, Home videos, music and photos on drive F.  Drive F also has non media stuff on it, Drive G doesn’t

  1.  The WD-TV Live Hub only sees my movie ISOs, Music videos and TV Series (ie stuff on Drive G).  It doesn’t pick up anything on Drive F - so I can’t listen to any music or view any photos or watch my home videos through my WD-TV Live Hub.  This is a little frustrating.  Both drives are shared with the same permissions.

  2. Is there any volume control through the Live Hub remote?  I can’t find one!

  3. Is there any way to jump back straight to the menu when viewing a DVD-ISO?

  4. The scraper is great with Movies (I was far more impressed than I expected) but it seems to not do TV series at all.  I would love an episode synopsis to appear so I know whether I want to watch that episode or not.  Is this possible?

Many thanks in advance.

2 - No

3 - Options - Menu

  1. Apparently, there’s SOMETHING different…  ;)

  2.  No, not with the built-in scraper.   But you can use Third Party tools to generate XML for all that stuff. 

I wrote my own Perl program to get data from TheTVDb.org.

3 - try a harmony remote.  You press one button (it actually an Icon), the reciever is turned on, hub is turned on and correct HDMI input on the tv is selected.  You can set the harmony remote to control the volume of reciever or tv.  When your, done press the watch tv icon, reciever is turned off, hub is turned off and satelite reciever turned on and HFMI inut changed.  One of the greatest Christmas gifts the wife got for me that I did not even know I wanted

oops, meant #2.

TonyPh12345 wrote: 

I wrote my own Perl program to get data from TheTVDb.org.


Any chance you could share??

If you’re ready to run Perl programs, PM me. 

If you don’t know what that means, then probably better not.   ;) 

Perl is it’s own thing…  :)

Thanks all for the help with 2, 3 and 4.

I now just need to get to the bottom of problem one.

The two hard drives are both shared in exactly the same way.  They are shared using advanced sharing, and are shared with everyone and the guest account.  Both accounts have full access.   Discs are named after their letters : so called Disc G and Disc F

I am wondering if it is something to do with the folder names?  Does the WD-TV Live search for media across the whole of the drive?  Or does it look for folder names?  

Hi SD.

I did not see the os that was on your PC (probably overlooked it), BUT I have included a link to a comprehensive doc regarding sharing for XP.  Even if you’re using Vista or 7, the abstract applies.


For the record, I’m a certified systems engineer (MCSE for whatever that’s worth), a programmer (Java, Android, scripting) and worked in PC development for ten years AND I DID NOT HAVE SHARING SET UP CORRECTLY.  The point is not that you can have all the certs and experience in the world and still do something stupid, but that really covering all the bases when it comes to sharing requires attention to detail and thoroughness.

I hope this helps and if it doesn’t let’s keep trying.  I hope we may help you solve your problem.



Thank you.

I have been at it for a long time - registry tweaks, account settings and everything.  However, because there is always something new to try (and learn from) I will go through that post tomorrow (off out to dinner now) and will then report back. 

Thanks again.

Well I’ve had a look at this post now and not convinced by any of it TBH

Reasons :

Make sure you have Network DDE DSDM and Network DDE set to automatic and started in your SERVICES

  • neither of these services exist in Windows 7 to the best of my knowledge

The router configuration stuff.

  • if this was an issue my existing mede8er surely wouldn’t be able to see all the folders I cannot see on my WD-TV Live Hub.  Yet it can.  Also my WD-TV Live Hub wouldn’t be able to see Drive G.  yet it can.  It just can’t see Drive F.

User Permissions - I can absolutely GUARANTEE these are the same for both drives concerned.  I actually work in PC support myself so I also know a little bit.

I am now trying to plug Drive F directly into the USB on the WD to see if that makes any difference.

I have also come across another problem.

When I try and fast forward through an MKV from Drive G I can do so, but when I stop fast forwarding the MKV goes back to the beginning of the file again.

Also resume doesn’t seem to work?

Appreciate all the advice.

Have a look through the FAQ for the WDTV Live it may give you some answers.