4 of 5 MBLD's bricked with firmware update

I have bought 5 MBLD’s in stores and online over the past 3 months.  4 of them never made it past the firmware update when first setting up the device.  2 of these failures were from auto updates.  I called tech support and they recommended manual updates.  That worked for the 3rd device I bought which is up and running without a problem.  The last 2 devices I bought failed during the manual firmware update that had previously worked. 

Can anyone explain why this is happening?  Has anyone bought this product and actually gotten it to work in the past few months?  Does anyone have any simple solutions?  I have read the “debrick” posts but it’s a foreign language to me.  I am mostly computer illiterate and have never written a line of code in my life…wouldn’t even know where to begin. 

I like the concept of the MBLD and I really like the one I have that actually works so far, but was that 1 just a fluke and these things actually just don’t work?  It’s hard to believe a company would continue to manufacture and sell a product that fails the instant a “recommended” firmware update is attempted. 

I’m completely frustrated and angry.  Is it too much to ask that a $350 device simply be able to be plugged in and [deleted] work?

Hello  Gargamegaly,

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