4 of 4 drive failures on EX4 and faulty USB connectors

Just wanted to report a complete failure of a MyCloud EX4.

My EX4 worked for a week when I initially bought it. I found it slow and the user interface was clunky and unfriendly. Despite this, I persisted and loaded my data on. I found the remote access was useful when it worked.

After about a week, one of the drives failed. I was busy with other things so shut it down and procrastinated about getting it fixed.

Probably about 2 years have passed, maybe more, and I turned it on today to find that all 4 drives have failed.

So I just want to report that this ~$1000 device is a piece of overpriced junk.

Furthermore, I have found that WD external drives have some kind of problem with their USB connection. My wife and I each have a WD My Book Essential. Both have faulty USB connections. I also have a WD My Passport which has a faulty USB connection. Finally, my wife bought a WD My Passport Ultra and it failed on her after 2 days of use.

I think that we have given WD a fair go… probably more than a fair go. We will not be buying any more WD products and I’ll be telling anyone who asks that WD drives are faulty and they should buy a different brand.

While this is a very unfortunate situation, your unit may still be under warranty and able to be replaced for free. You can request an RMA in the following link:

On the other hand, perhaps it would be best to contact WD Support considering your multiple unit failures. There could be a common factor at play.

Try to provide as many details as possible related to what has happened and what you have tried so far. WD Support may contact you if they need additional information.