4 absurdly easy questions

Thank you in advance to anyone that can help…

I have four questions…

  1. How do I find out what model/version my WD hard drive is, and what its serial number is?

  2. How do I drag/place just one file into the external hard drive? Like, for example, if I have a Word document on my desktop and just want to put that specific document onto the hard drive quickly?

  3. What is the difference between the Time Machine Backup and the WD SmartWare icons? I see both of them on my desktop when I plug in my hard drive.

  4. How do I find just one specific file to make sure it is backed up on the external hard drive. For example, a quicktime movie titled “the clubhouse 2/5/10”?

Answer to your questions:

  1. Run the WD Smartware software, go to Settings, you will find the info on the lower left hand corner.

  2. Just drag the file over and drop it on the WD external drive icon. Is that easy?

3.  a.  WD Smartware is an easy to use software which bundled with your WD external drive. You will find the user   

            manual online from the HOME menu tap, look to the right, you will see the Online User Manual.

     b.    Time machine is built in your Mac OS 10.5.x and newer, It is also easy to use but, You are the judge. 

4.  Keep the WD external drive plugged in.

      On the very top righthand corner of the Mac drop down menu. 

      Click on the Magnify glass, from the Spotlight type in the name of file you are searching for.

      The search engine will look thru your internal drive and external drive then will give you the results.

      After that just click on the file name and play it back to see if it was back up correctly.

Hope this would help you.


Thanks for the quick response!  A couple follow-up questions…

I try to drop and drag the file onto the WD Smart Ware icon that looks like a disc, but it won’t go on there.  It does go onto the Time Machine icon so I suppose that’s just as good?

On a similar note, when I clicked on the magnify window and found my “Clubhouse Video,” it said it was on both my desktop, and in “Volumes/Time Machine”.  Once again, I suppose that’s okay, I just thought it was weird to not have it say it was on my external WD hard drive.

You may have already said yes to use Time Machine when you first connected the WD external drive.

You may not remember that you said yes to use the Time Machine pop up message. There is nothing  wrong to use the Time machine for backing up.

Anyway, all files you have save are on the WD external drive.

You are safe, you can sleep well now.

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