3TB WD mybook essential plggued high voltage

Hi to all,

I accidently (after moving my office) plugged my 3TB Mybook Essential with a 24V power supply, as it only needs 12v…and it was plugged for a few minutes.  At first the light was blinking, but my computer wouldn’t recognize it, then the light shut.  When I realized that I had the wrong power adapter, it would not turn on.  Obviously I fried it.  Is there any chance I can get my data back?  If so, how?

Thank you so much for your help.

It’s possible that you simply fried a diode on the bridge board. Sometimes it can be bypassed. The only person who knows much about that is fzabkar. Try searching out his posts where he walked people through testing and bypassing the bad diode. Or try sending him a PM. Otherwise you’ll  have to look for a replacement board.