3TB WD My Book - How to get rid of that NTFS part and get ext3?


As I do for years, I buy external disks and fdisk these to create and ext3 partitin and use it for my Debian storage server.

I always buy disks from WD but this 3TB disk is a pain in the **bleep**. I somehow can’t get rid of that NTFS partition. I hate NTFS and I don’t wan’t it and I don’t need it. I need to throw this partition away.

But fdisk can’t write the partition table to the disk. Is there any solution for this? What happend to the times that you buy a disk and were free to do with it whatever you wanted? 

You can’t partition 3Tdrive with NTFS. This is about Vista but might shed some light on it http://www.itworld.com/nlswindows070220  See post 4 http://community.wdc.com/t5/My-Book-for-PC/3TB-Essential-Win-7-32-bit-System-Backup-Failing/td-p/116906


Why don’t you open your My Book “Whatever” version and connect 3TB drive directly to a desktop/server with a SATA interface? I think you’re using Linux to partition & format your drive.