3tb wd hard drive not reading media

I have got a 2tb wd hdd and a 3tb wd hdd connected to the wd tv live hd media player. The 2tb drive works fine but all of a sudden I can’t get the 3tb drive to read. The firmware update is the latest. Any ideas as to why it has stopped reading. I have switched the player off and trying again in the morning. Both hdd are desktop. 2tb is a mybook, 3tb is an elements.

Tried again today and still not recognising it, comes up saying ‘there is no media in the current folder’ the drive as I said has worked for about 12 months and nothing has changed. Haven’t unplugged it until last night. The only other issue is I can’t see either hard drives on the PC. PC picks up the wd live box but no hard drives. It has been working since the last firmware upgrade so I don’t think it is that

I’m having the same problem with all my Wd hard drives. They play large mkv files for a couple of minutes and then the hard drive locks up. Seems the work fine on the front usb. Called Wd and no on has any idea and they are offering idiotic solutions. My hard drives from Seagate and Toshiba work perfectly. Seems to be a wd hard drive issue with the WD media player

I’ve been having a similar problem with MKV and MP4 files.

I put a file on a stick and plug into the front outlet.  Player plays file for about 5 minutes, then starts stuttering and ultimately locking up.  I then have to shut the player right off to get it to work properly again. 

This doesn’t happen with AVI files.

If I take that same MKV or MP4 file and put in on my 1tb hardrive (connected to rear outlet) it plays fine. (seagate, I think)

I have the newest firmware but I don’t recall when this actually started happening.  I do notice that my sticks are all fat32, whereas my hard drive is NTFS (not sure whether that makes a difference)

rickfen, how large are your MKVs? FAT32 can’t handle more than 4GB, maybe your USB stick is somehow damaged?


Is it USB3 drives? They are trouble connected to the back USB port.

These are usually about 900MB tops.  Many of the mp4s are 1/2 hour episodes - maybe 250-300MB.  I use a number of different sticks and have never noticed that any one in particular has the problem.

I thought (layman’s thinking) that I should use a large (8mb) stick, but it didn’t make any difference.

BTW, I also usually use subtitle files with the video.

Yes, all my drives are Usb3.  Using the front port seems to work fine.  But I only have trouble on the rear port while using Wd hard drives.  My Seagate and Toshiba work flawlessly.