3tb MyBook (Mac) running A LOT

Hey there everyone! I’ve got a question here that I haven’t been able to find the answer to.

I recently picked up the 3tb MyBook (the silver one for Mac). One thing that I’ve noticed is that it appears the hard drive is running a lot, even though my iMac isn’t sending or receiving anything from the MyBook.

The MyBook is on my computer desk, and 8 inches from where the keyboard is and I mean, literally, I can feel a subtle but noticeable vibration through my desk when it is running, which seems to be quite often. Putting your hand on the unit, you can clearly feel it humming.

Is this normal for the model, or something I should be concerned about? I am just curious as to why it would be running at all when there is nothing being sent either way…

Be sure that no other apps are running in the backupground, that might be using the my book, like time machine for example. 

Alucardx23  - Thanks for the reply. Nope, it doesn’t seem to be running or, at least, the backupd process isn’t running. Although there could be another process associated with Time Machine that I am unaware of.

hello everyone,

I own 3 wd my book studio 3t drives. I have noticed the same issue on my first one. soon after it stops reading or writing tasks forced to do by me it keeps on doing some jobs. it was doing when the disk was empty and it does now when is 1,5T 

packed with data.

I checked it on my 3 macs with 3 different systems with all 3 plugs (2 fw800, 1 usb) always the same.

recently bought a second one and it behaves different. I mean normal as it should.

so today I bought the third one and it behaves same as the second one. so item no.1 is foulty?

I’m copying 1,5 t of the data from disk 1 to 3 and I will try to update it with new software. 

I’m starting to video edit a  big project and I don’t want to end up doing it twice.

It is my first WD my book stodio, so far I was useing LaCie editting disks, no problem at all - ever.

well, after copying all files from disk no.1 to no.3 (1.8T) the brand new my book started to do the same noises as no.1 

keeps on working in iddle. so I formated it with disk utility on my mac and still the same. no changes.

can anyone tell us what to do?

has anyone called technical support  WD phone service?