3tb Mybook (external) move internal?

Hey guys

think I know i’ve screwed this up but…

I purchased a 3tb Mybook external.  Copied all my data on to it, ripped the disk out of the internals and emmigrated.  I then built a new PC in the new country, put it in to a SATA 3 slot and it only shows a small partition and loads of unformmated space.  Is there anyway to get access to this data or have I lost it as I’ve thrown away the external housing and little daughter board?


OK - so after some googling i’ve discovered its encrypted but… is it possible to bypass?

Not possible to bypass

I don’t know who gave this idea but was awful

try contacting a data recovery company

“I don’t know who gave this idea but was awful”

Wow, what a presumptious and arrogant response , thanks! … NOT.

As you know all the facts and the reasons I’ve had to do it the way I have i’m sure your response was in error, right?  After all, you know how dificult it is to get data into the middle east and that they, on occasion, will scan the contents of USB disks looking for films and books that they don’t approve of but have never tried to read a “naked” disk.

On a side note, I don’t actually think its encryption as such, I suspect its more a work around to support older systems that can’t support large disks.  After all, what possible use is encryption on this device when you can just plug it in to any PCs USB port and use it fine?

If it’s a drive that came with Smartware it is hardware encrypted by the board with the USB port. You might be able to get a replacement board and recover data. The only person that really understands that is fzabkar. Read his posts or send him a PM.


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Thanks Joe!

I tried buying another exact same model product and tried to use its daughter board but that didn’t work … sadly.  (ahh well, at least I can now RAID them! lol)

My home is now being shipped (including my Windows Home Server) and so, assuming this gets through customs OK the problem goes away :) 

I still can’t believe its encryption for privacy’s sake, it makes no sense as I can plug it in to any PC, when its in the housing, and there is no prevention of the new pc reading it.  But then I guess this is an irrelevant point.  Whatever it is and why its there, its fubared me.