3TB Mybook essential - used with Win8, now can't access with WinXP

I originally set up the 3TB drive with my desktop computer - WinXP, SP3. Used if for months with not problems. Only data on there (of any substance) are movies and music that I share on my home network with Windows Media Player 11…

Everything was working great.

Had to take my Desktop off line to do some upgrades and repairs 'n such so I hooked my 3TB MyBook essentials to my laptop with Windows 8. Same routine, set it up to share using Windows Media Player - worked great.

Now my Desktop is back online so I “un-shared” everything on the laptop, removed the folders from Media Player, ejected the drive using the WD tool in the tray.

Hooked it up to my XP machine again and cannot access any of the folders that I had accessed on the Win 8 machine.

There are a couple of top level folders on the 3TB that I never accessed with the Win8 laptop - I can open those on the XP machine no problem. When I try to open the “MyMovies” or “MyMusic” folder or any other folder that I had opened on the 3TB while it was on the laptop - but which is now back on my XP machine, I get:

“… is not accessible access denied.”

Put the 3TB back on the laptop - access every folder just fine. Made sure none of them were shared or had any special permissions set, etc.

Still cannot access those folders on my XP machine.

Anyone have any ideas? I’ve read most of the posts that sounded like they might be close to the same issue but have found no solution.

Please help. I don’t wan’t to have to have my laptop running all night so I can watch movies from My Book Essentials.

BTW - Firmware and Software are up to date.

Hello and welcome, 

See if the steps from the following link helps. 


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Thank you very much… I’ve been pulling my hair out trying to figure this out just knowning it was some kinda permissions thing but I would have never got to where you led me.

It worked perfectly !!!

Thanks again.

Nice!, I’m glad it worked.