3TB My Cloud Home - Newbie Questions

Hi All,

Thanks for clicking on my post. Really hope someone can answer these basic, but somewhat curious questions!

  1. I have a 3TB drive but the Mobile App and Windows 10 both have differing views on the amount of storage consumed.

Mobile App Says I have 2.63 TB Unused, Windows says 2.62 TB Unused. More to the point, it says I’ve consumed 2.20gb and I haven’t even put anything on it yet? I have wiped the drive but I’m still way under 3TB and I can’t understand how I have 2.20gb of consumed space, when the drive is brand new/empty?

  1. Does this solution ‘need’ WD to be active as a supplier? What if the company (however unlikely) goes bust, does that mean I can’t access my NAS Storage anymore? I’m not sure I’m keen on needing an app, Windows or Android to maintain my storage? Could someone please belay my fears that this is definitely standalone? My guess is the app is simply designed to ‘make things easier’?

  2. When you login to My Cloud Home App, is anything being relayed via a WD Server or Infrastructure? (This question relates closely to my first question)


@Danno75 Have you visited the Learning Center and looked at all the information that is provided there and the User Manual?


Hi Car0w

Yes, my questions don’t really seem to fit the usual run of the mill type questions…

Thanks for replying btw…