3TB My Book Live - slow streaming and DLNA device recognition

I just set attached a new 3TB MBL to my home network. I have encountered one significant problem and one that may be less significant. 

  1. I intend the use the device for media streaming audio and video through my blu-ray player to my stereo and TV. After setup, I loaded a few mp3s into the MBL’s Public share. The blu-ray player (a Sony S390) can locate the MBL and play the files, but it takes about a minute after hitting “play” for the song to actually begin. I also have my desktop in the same network and use the blu-ray player to stream through it with no problem or delay. I ran the MBL’s diagnostic package and it didn’t find any issues. Any clue why this is? 

  2. The less pressing problem (which may be related) is that when I use the MBL software to scan for DLNA devices, it does not pick up the blu-ray player, even though, as I said above, the blu-ray player has located the MBL on the network and can stream from it, though with some delay. I have the MAC and IP addresses for the blu-ray, but the MBL software doesn’t seem to allow me to enter them manually anywhere. This is only a problem if it’s part of the reason for the delay in streaming. If the delay can be worked out without addressing this, then that’s fine. 

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks. 

I’ve never been a fan of WD’s DLNA implementation.  There’s an option available, though, on the MBL to run Twonky DLNA which performs MUCH better than WD’s DLNA.


Note the very first item about switching between Twonky Media and WD’s DLNA.

Note also that you MUST NOT change the filename when you download the “patch” firmware.