3Tb My Book Essential not working with W7 PRO 64-bit

Hi, I just bought a new laptop Sony Vaio and a new 3Tb My Book Essential, Model: WDBACW0030HBK-NESN.

While attempting to take a system image of the laptop from Windows (W7 PRO 64-bit ) it repeatedly fails with an I/O error.:manmad:

I went back and exchanged the HDD to see if it was the WD-HDD error. But again I got the I/O error with this 2nd WD-HDD.:angry:

I was able to create a system image on my another 1Tb My Book Essential, so it is not a problem with the laptop.

I have also installed the SES drive, and the HDD is visible and accessible through windows. I could read/write to the HDD.

What should I do now?
is it ok to conclude that 3Tb don’t work properly with W7 PRO or something else.

please help me out.



I did all of the following to see if it would help;

  1. did a format to NTFS

  2. Stripped to 2Tb

  3. Stripped to 1Tb

Still the same case, error.

Appreciate if someone could help out.



Out of curiousity did you go to windows updates? Also check for optional updates. I can’t find it but there was a windows patch a while ago to allow drives above 2t I can’t remember which version of windows it was for.


No, not yet.

I’m waiting to create an image before I connect my new laptop to internet.

Are you connecting with USB2.0 or 3.0?


Connecting using USB 2.0.

Got the same problem. At first I suspected an issue with my USB 3.0 connection (card, driver, etc.) but using USB 2.0 did not help. I also had the problem with a 2nd drive of the same type, so it is not an isolated incident. I got what looks like file system corruption (files not found/can’t create new files) when the disk was about half full. Reformatting didn’t solve the problem. Out of frustration, and since I was running out of ideas, I took the drive out of the enclosure and connected it directly via SATA. (Note: if you do that, the disk will appear empty, probably due to the encryption, so you won’t be able to access your precious data any more… Make a backup first!) I changed the partition type from MBR to GPT and reformatted the disk in NTFS. It is now working like a charm. I suppose that this problem is related to MBR’s 2 TiB limit and whatever WD did to work around it. Or maybe the USB 3.0/SATA interface. Or the encryption. I don’t really care as long as the disk itself is sane. (I got the MyBook cheaper than an OEM disk, so I can’t complain.) I can’t believe that WD would sell a product as buggy as this. Next time I’ll buy an OEM disk and put it inside a 3rd-party enclosure with e-SATA or Firewire 800.

Hi Diabolo,

Thanks for confirming that it’s the same case with you.

I’m returning the drive back.

hope WD would be able to provide good 3Tb drives in future.



I think I havesome insitght on this now. It has to do with Windows 2T limit. Look throught this link http://blogs.technet.com/b/askcore/archive/2010/02/18/understanding-the-2-tb-limit-in-windows-storage.aspx  It explains some and gets into GPT that is necessary. Here is how another poster reformatted http://community.wdc.com/t5/My-Book-for-PC/Problem-re-partitioning-3TB-My-Book-Essential/td-p/116048


Thanks Joe.

It was worth reading to know the limitations.

I hope WD would soon come up with an alert for such limitations, as the 3Tb drives are in the market and many users have reported problems.