3TB My Book Essential not showing up

Hello everyone,

I recently purchased a WD 3TB external hard drive roughly 3 months ago. It worked fine without any problem until yesterday, it was working as usual and then it tipped over to its side while I was watching something the usb got unplugged and then I replugged it in, it showed up and everything was working fine I continued to watch my show from where I left off no problems until I tried to turn on the next episode. The next episode kept freezing the player so I tried again then tried another episode which worked, tried the non-working episode again wouldn’t work, tried another episode and that wouldnt work neither would any other. So I unplugged the hard drive, plugged it in and it turned on and everything but isn’t recognised by the laptop. It turned on, the light, the fan(if it has a fan) and everything and then the fan turns off with only the light still on. I’m not sure if the hard drive starts spinning because of the sound of the fan. It does not appear in device manager, it does not work on another laptop, I have not installed any of the wd programs and I have tried a different power cable. Also I do not want to send it in for warrenty, as I heard they just replace the hard drive and I have some very important data on it.

Thanks in advance

Hard drives are sensitive… they don’t like sudden jars to them – it tends to cause permanent damage.

If data recovery or drive repair software doesn’t repair the corruption from not “Safely Removing” the drive, then there’s not much anyone can do.

I’d suggest running http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk on the drive and see if you can get it at least recognized.

As for the bad files, there could quite likely be permanent physical damage to the actual drive platters from the shock it took.  The read/write heads aren’t meant to come into contact with the drive platters.

Physical damage from mishandling the drive isn’t covered under warranty, I wouldn’t think, so if there is physical damage, all you can really do is buy a new drive and copy what you can off the damaged one.

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If TestDisk doesn’t work you can try other data recovery software. Like RoofingGuy said the drive may be physically damaged and getting data off that is not a do it yourself project. With proffessional  data recovery they might be able to get some but it will be really expensive. The only things to add is I always lay my drives on their side and one copy is not a backup.


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Thank you both of you. I tried testdisk but it could not detect it and i tried a different program as well that did not detect it either. I think the usb wire might be broken rather than the actual hard drive or the interface in the casing might be broken because if the hard drive was broken, it would still be possible to detect it but its not being detected at all. I have ordered a new usb and I shall recieve and test it in 5 days.

Thanks again,

If you have any other thoughts let me know.

ok it is a hard drive problem, would the wd warranty cover it?

They will replace the drive if still under warranty  but if you want data recovery you have to pay. Tipping it over may have voided the warranty.


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