3TB My Book Essential "No Storage Present"

I just bought a 3TB My Book Essential hard drive to play movies through my WD HD TV hub that i bought in 2010.  I’ve been playing my movies off my 1TB Hitachi hard drive for the last two years and it works great, but when I plug in My Book Essential with a few movies that I just put on it all it says on my screen is “No Storage Present”.  Does anyone know how to fix this?  I’ve read some things suggesting that this hard drive might be too large for the WD HD TV to support, might this be true?  Any and all help is appreciated! Thanks!

You need to update the firmware to the latest version to make it compatible. Check the link below.


did you solve your issue?

I got WDTVLIVE (with  up to date official firmware) since many months, working fine with disks of 1 to 2 TB (all WD). Then I bought a 3 TB My Book Essential and it worked OK for a couple of weeks. Then it started to stop playing movies after a few minutes (blocked on an image and after a few minutes, full crash of the WDTVLIVE). Note that these files are played OK on a PC, without any glitch.

Since a few days, the 3TB external harddrive is not recognized any more. It blinks a few time when switched on, but the WD TV Live does not recognize it anymore. I have removed the .wd_tv folder at the root, reset the device to factory settings, but still nothing. My other drives of 1 to 2 TB are still playing fine.

I would continue investigate if someone confirm that My Book Essential 3 TB does work with WD TV Live (as advertise in the compatibility list)

I have 2x3TB MyBook drives on the WDTLIVE player for about two years and they present no problem at all. So your problem may be with the specific player or the specific drives - check them out, as well as making sure you have the latest firmware. On the WDTLIVEHUB, however, I only have a 1TB passport connected and I was planning to connect a 3TB on the second USB drive so is there an answer to the original question?

(BTW are the USB drives on WDTLIVEHUB USB2 or USB3?)

The current WDTVLiveHub does not transfer at USB 3.0 speeds.  Maybe the  next version of the WDTVLiveHub may, if they ever make one.  You can, however, still plug in a USB 3.0 drive and get our normal USB 2.0 speed.

Hope that helps, Dan:smiley: