3TB MBL "Initializing" forever after Firmware update

Was updating firmware via Web Interface with “apnc-024105-034-20130215.deb” via “internet”. Downloaded OK, went through the update and gave an error at the end. It rebooted into “initializing” for over 24 hrs. I unplugged power for 1 min, rebooted and its been initializing for 12 hrs now. I have full access to all files, but cannot get to the Web Interface and the YELLOW LED is on always…

What can be done ? - Advice

I updated my other 2 off 3TB MBL without issue. One via Internet download and the other via file off HDD.

Cheers LB

[EDIT] - Fixed

Firstly, I want to thank WD Support. They were first rate. The problem look terminal, so they offered to replace the drive via a RMA. They were proactive. They contacted my after this post. I had an 2 x email less than 4 hours after this post. Followed by a phone call to see when they could assist. They rang again at a predetermined time and set about trying to remotely fix the issue. WD were quick, through, knowledgeable and professional when dealing with this issue. In the end it was deemed terminal as the WEB interface was locked out and the drive was not responding to SSH commands. A RMA was organized and they have sent out a replacement drive plus I have to send mine back (of course).

Now, here is a kicker. I found that you can still use the Web Interface that was locked out by holding the mouse left button down on the Web Screen. This temporarily halted the JAVA script from running the XML menu (whilst pressed), hence stopping the “Initializing” pop up message that locked out the Web Settings. This allowed be to get to the load “firmware from file” link and I managed to get the firmware update going again (via file). The firmware was successfully updated, but the drive config was wiped. I reconfigured the drive and made the “shares” exactly the same as it was before the drive failed the initial firmware update. Bang, all my data was there and I was back.

RMA now cancelled, but KUDO’s to WD for their very proactive support.

Cheers LB (Happy Man)

Nice to know that you had a good experience with WD support.