3Tb HDD vanished from windows

So I own this Western Digital 3TB SATA-III 64MB Caviar Green that I use for storage for several months now. All went fine, no issues up until today when something very strange happend.

When I was making an archive of about 100Gbs on the disk th box started showing up a lot of errors, so I stopped the process and noticed a lot of my files started showing up as “file not found”.

So I did a system restart and to my surprise my disk stopped showing up alltogether, just like that. I went to disk managment where it’s shown as “Disk 2 746.39 GB Unallocated” like it was when I first installed the drive months ago…

 The disk seems healty enough, it shows up when booting or in HD Tune Pro but just when as Local Disk E as it was up until this happend.  I had no partitions on it, I mean it was wholy used just for storrage of movies, pictures etc.

I didn’t do any format or recovery methods yet because I have no clue how to approach this issue. Any ideeas?

well first, whenever ur having trouble like this u NEVER do a system restart!  the first place to start is… u were “archiving” and things got screwed up… i don’t think there’s an easy fix here but, exactly what were u archiving?  if ur archive had nothing to do with any system files, u should b able to go into your registry and look for any archived files.  also u didn’t mention your OS!  with every system there is a way to verify the integrity of windows files.  for example in windows xp there’s the System File Check.  whatever is wrong i’s always best to attack the problem where i started!