3TB Green Drive - Same Fault Twice: Options and Suggestions

Hi everyone,

I am on my second 3TB Green drive after the first one became crippled and became stuck at an extremely slow read speed. After a successful RMA, the second drive has now experienced exactly the same symptoms:

  1. Read Rate will not go above 3mbyte/s. High bitrate HD content isn’t viewable from the drive.

  2. Event Viewer reports Controller errors constantly from the drive

  3. SMART indicates a rising CRC Raw Read Error rate

The data itself is intact each time, but the drive is next to useless for accessing large quantities of data. The drive sits in a media server alongside a number of other hard drives, operating without issues so I’m confident this isn’t related to any other components in my system.

Key questions:

  • Is this a known issue, are there any workarounds? I can see some suggestions elsewhere to change some settings on the drive but am unsure it will help. At a guess this is related to some form of energy saving mode which temporarily reduces the speed but is failing to bring it back up when required once again.

  • Do I have any other options other than RMA’ing yet again and running the risk of getting another defective drive? After this experience I have absolutely no confidence in the design and build of this particular model. I’ve bought countless WD drives for over 10 years and I accept that sometimes they fail, but to get the exact same failure twice in less than 3 months is appalling.

I really need cause this WD hard drive media player won’t play my media. I’ve done everything that I could do and nothing seems to be working, therefore I really need help.