3TB Drive

I am planning to buy a Seagate 3TB external HDD

I have a win XP machine at home

i read that i will need to use the Seagate DiscWizard software to split the 3TB into 2TB and 0.75 TB partitions in order for win XP to recognize the drive correctly and utilize its full capacity

I lan to load both logical partitions with videos, photos, music etc.

My question: if after these steps, connect it to WDTV Live SMP …will it recognize the disk? will it recognize both the partitions and be able to play media on both? will both partitions be accessible over my home network for read/write by other devices?

This will help my purchase decision – whether to buy a drive less than 2TB or go for 3TB

Also, has anybody seen any differnece between using a USB-powered ultraportable drive versus an external-powered desk drive?


3TB external HDDs have not yet tried, so I can not comment on it.

With USB-powered drives work fine. 

  Be careful to USB 3.0 drives

as of right now I believe the biggest drive you can get is 2TB for USB Powered,

all the 2.5TB to 3TB drives I’ve seen (and own) require a separate power source.