3TB drive - only 746.52GB showing

I have a Dell XPS 730 running Windows Vista Pro. My secondary non-bootable Seagate 1.5GB drive died so I am trying to replace it. I have a WD 3TB drive. When I go into Disk Management it is only showing 746.52GB of allocatable space. How do I get all 3TB??


Is disk management showing the rest of the unit as unallocated?

Can you please upload a picture of the disk management?

I’ve had the same problem with a 4T Black HDD showed only 2T. I have done an update of the chipset to the latest version (also some years old) then I made an update in windows 7 of the software of the driver and after that the 4T was showed and is working. But not always easy to find the right updates, but start in the boot sector and than in de software of the OS.

In doing some research, it looks like Windows Vista will only recognize drives up to 2TB. So I removed the 3TB drive and ordered a 2TB drive. It should be here sometime today. I hope this works. If not, since I have removed the 3TB drive I dont have any pictures. If I have issues with the 2TB drive, Ill send a picture of the Disk Management page.