3TB Drive Crashing Mac Mini

i bought a 3tb My Book Drive for storing videos on and i had one that kept crashing both my mac mini and my macbook pro so i contacted WD and they sent a replacement drive well i got the new one and it occasionally does it on the macbook pro but it is all the time on the mini. I called WD support and he guy i talked to was completely useless and did not understand my problem i have gone to the western digital site and download the drivers and that seemed to fix the macbook pro but not the mini if you have any suggestions please let me know. Both computers are running snow leopard 10.6.8 the mini has 8 gig and the rest is factory for Fall 2010 model. The Macbook Pro is factory for spring of 2010.

Hello, did you started to have the problem right away or after some time of use? Also when you’re going to disconnect the MB, do you just pull out the USB cable or safely eject it first?

It. Worked the first day without any problems on the macbook pro and i never hooked it up to the mini. The next day i hooked to the mini and kept crashing it and then i hooked it to the macbook pro and it started crashing that day. So installed the western digital drivers and it fixed the macbook pro but not the mini and i always safely eject as long as it is not crash.