3tb disk in the box of 2tb

Dear colleagues,
Could you please give your comment on the following:
I have a 2tb WD MyBook that worked perfect but then the internal 2tb disk went out of service.
I bought a new 3tb hdd (WD green) and wanted to install it into the previous box.
I works, but my Mac (10.8, Mountain Lion) recognizes only 2tb. Another computer with Win10 recognizes the same.
Is there a possibility to recognize it as 3tb or this box can only work with not more than 2tb disks?
Thanks in advance!

It’s possible for the controller (Enclosure) to be incompatible with the 3TB hard drive, which could affect maximum available storage. On the other hand, the hard drive could be compatible, but it was initialized as MBR as opposed to GPT, which would also limit available space.

Check the BIOS of the Windows computer. If the unit is detected as 3TB then it’s a formatting issue.

Thanks for you reply!
The point is that I can’t check the BIOS because it is an USB disk, I don’t have a desktop computer to connect the disk thought SATA interface. But I’ll try to ask my friend to do this.
So, from your answer I understand that it is 90% the controller issue, right?