3TB Black on XP pro


I have just bought a new 3TB WD black internal.

i have connected it up , but xp 64bit states only 746.39gb

has WD a driver solution for this problem? 

a little worried here. : /

incidentally this drive shiped to me in a box with no foam or bubblewrap.

I have bought many WD drives in the past, each has had the foam/sponge inlay box to protect the drive. this box was thinner and had zero shock protection ( it had the silver antistatic plastic,  however)  bought from DABS uk. this week.

thanks for help.

gigabyte x38-dq6

sata2 internal conection

 xp pro 64bit at present.

It seems that all i had to do was put the drive in a windows 7 64bit pc and perform a format.  i formated 3 partitions. 900 900 1000gb. ( should work on 32bit also)

regarding the new Western digital packaging.   if someone spends 130 uk pounds on a device that will hold their lifes work phots projects etc… surly the extra cost of 10 pence in foam or bubbles should be at least an option when buying.

i think i shall make a thread on this.


Tweqs. XP can have issues with drives over 2 TB because of the capacity and also XP doesn’t properly align drives that use Advanced Format (4k sectors). Windows 7 should have properly aligned the drive and set it as a GPT partition. Luckly, XP 64-bit has support for GPT disks (not XP 32-bit) so you should be ok.

Regarding the packaging. All drives from WD should be properly packed according to our standards. However, some vendors may buy in bulk from us and package a drive themselves. Unfortunately, we don’t have control on how they package a unit, we can only provide recommendation on how it should be packaged.

i am sure it is not anyones fault personally. its just one of those things that needs sorting out.

problem and sollution : 

if you send out drives in bulk with no foam to protect the drives to save on cost, it would be a very good idea to put a warning sticker on each box to remind vendors./stockists  that they NEED to wrap the hard drives in at least 4 layers of bubble wrap before posting out to customers.

if DABS uk get it wrong, i am sure many others will too

when a courier throws a drive box like the one i receieved on a van , its just the same as throwing a naked drive against a piece of metal.

Damage can only happen. http://youtu.be/1vwDhagE07w

A  LARGE red/white  WARNING!!!  sticker would be a good idea. (please excuse the caps lock)

WD staff i have made a thread for this.  thanks.