3D Support

I have been playing some 3D content either ripped off bluray disks or downloaded off YouTube on my Samsung 3D TV and it seems to play just fine, it would be nice though if the WDTV Live Hub would automatically detect 3D content and send the signal to the TV so it automatically turns on 3D Mode, just like the Playstation3 does :smiley:

It would also be nice if they added extra support for 3D features such as Left/Right Eye, Plain Red/Cyan glasses, Subtitles in 3D etc, it would add a whole new level of greatness to this player, besides bringing another major selling point!

The WD is not even aware that what you’re playing IS 3D.

Left / Right and Top & Bottom formats are just ordinary video, there’s nothing there to clue the WD that it’s actually 3D.

Do you have any idea how the PS3 detects that a plain’ol video is 3D or not?

Hi Tony, I have no clue as to how the PS3 does it because I’m not a programmer, what I know is that IT IS possible because the Playstation3 does it just fine with bluray disks, I haven’t tried it with a regular video though now that I think about it, however 3D support would still be possible by adding this feature to the menus where you can turn on Side By Side, Up And Down Videos etc so you don’t need to go and work with your TV’s remote.

PS3 can do it with physical disks because it recognizes the MVC extension to h.264 used to store the second view in the stream.  Any MVC-unaware playback device just plays a single view as if it were any other h.264 stream.

But in a rip, whether over/under, side-by-side, interleaved, etc… there’s nothing distinctive to distinguish it from any other video stream, so the PS3 would be no more aware of the 3D content than the WDTV is.  In fact, it’s kind of because the WDTV (and other players) don’t understand MVC that you have to recode the rip into one of the other storage methods and manually tell the TV to expect 3D content.

I’d assume that if WD (or anyone else) starts making players with Sigma’s new chips that support 3D, that an .iso or .ts from the 3D Blu Ray would play just fine, because the chip would speak MVC and be able to send the “this is 3D” HDMI signal to the TV, and you wouldn’t have to first convert it to SBS or O/U or interleaved.


   I have 3D content stored on my Live HUB but still when I play on Sony 3D TV, I see them as normal video only. When I play the same video on my PC, I see two videos side by side. What could be wrong?

What should I do on Live HUB or on my TV to view it as original 3D content. Kindly help me out here. Do let me know if playing 3D content is not possible using Live HUB.



Hi, it is possible to watch 3D with the Live Hub, however in order to watch in 3D don’t forget to press the 3D Mode on your TV’s Remote control and also of course to turn on your active glasses after pressing the 3D mode on your remote, (some glasses turn on automatically when the TV goes into 3D mode and some glasses are passive so no need to turn them on)

Also be sure that after pressing the 3D mode on your remote you select the correct Mode for the type of video you intend to watch, for example my TV has “Side By Side” “Up and Down” and “2D to 3D” modes, you MUST pick the right one for the content you intend to watch.

If you intend to watch the regular old 3D style ( I think it’s called Anaglyph?) then you must watch with the regular Red/Cyan glasses.


   Thanks a lot for your quick response. But when I play any 3D content on my TV like Youtube 3D videos, the TV detects 3D signal automatically and starts playing them as real 3D content, but when I play from Live HUB, it doesnt detect 3D videos as 3D content. It plays as normal content.

When I choose 3D option on TV when they play as normal content, its just like basic 2D->3D conversion that happens on TV which doesn’t have that much effect or impact.  It is in fact a side by side video which is how it plays when I play on my laptop which cant play 3D. What could be the problem here? Kindly help me out.