3D stream supported?

Hi everybody,

after searching this forum i didn’t get a clear information, if 3d is supported or not.

Coulf you please tell me if it’s possible to watch a 3d stream with the hub?

If there is a possibility, please let me know which format / codec the file must have.

Thanks in advance,


only side by side 3d videos are supported

ANY 3D stream will work as long as the video fits within the specified limits of the container… SBS, TaB, etc…

and i presume i need a fancy 3d tv for it to work?  or can i push a signal to my normal TV and wear some glasses?

No it needs to be a 3D capable TV.

yeah thought as much.  cheers.

wdtvhub wrote:

No it needs to be a 3D capable TV.

Hold on.  That’s not necessarily true.

Some 3D content is actually stored in “Anaglyph” format.   That’s the Red/Blue, Red/Green etc.  images.  You don’t need a 3D TV for those to “work,” but you do need glasses specific to the color format.

Those will play fine, as well.

Yes fair call.

I was getting ahead of myself really, I was just assuming it was one of the newer 3D sets/glasses scenario.

jaysue,  if you are using IE9 please visit the link below: