3D Side by Side mkv out of sync every so often

I have the WDTV Live Plus, latest firmware as of 10-29-11.  I have a number of 3d movies that I “own” and have made mkv’s through dvdfab 3d ripper.  I wanted the original disks protected and easier for the kids to watch. All the movies have the following odd behavior.

Movies are feed via USB drive (not networked) they play fine but every so often about every 10 minutes or so you get a brief few seconds of out of sync. It snot head tilt ghosting but sort of out of focus color shift. Not a lot just enough to make you squint. This is a Sony with the infrared glasses. 

Any ideas, could it be quality of HDMI lead? don’t know if the lead I have (purchase with prior TV a few years back) is 1.3 or 1.4 and as he live plus is 1.3 hdmi does that make a difference?



HDMI 1.3 is not fully 3D compliant but I don’t think that’s the problem, can you post the mediainfo of the files out of sync?

SBS video doesn’t require anything special.  Even the WDTV HD Gen 1 can play them.

As long as the encode is compliant with the WD’s specs, it should play with no issue.

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I found out this is more of an issue with the TV, sony as issues with side by side contents and cross talk.

Although I borrowed a friends expensive high speed cable which I have a hard time buying into but it did seem to imporve the image quality.