3D playback problem on the live hub

Hey guys I’m have trouble playing 3D movies on the hub, the movies always play but the the hub always adds a frame to each side of the screen so when I select 3D mode on my tv it doesn’t display the image properly. Thx in advance

Adds a frame?   Take a screenshot and post it.

@ kabfhull

Also helps to state the Brand, Model and The ‘3D’ Setting on Your TV that you have ‘Set’ to enable the 3D Mode.

And also the ‘MediaInfo’ of the Video File is a bonus.

and yes ‘Screenshots’ are helpful too.

“The Hub Adds a Frame ?”  doesnt make logical sense.

Oh, also… i Dont Own a ‘3D’ TV … but pretty much 100% sure you have to use HDMI Connection for ‘3D’.

You havent provided info about your WDTV Live Hub Connection… so it’s a guess.

(if you are using HDMI, make sure the WDTV Live Hub ‘Setup’ > ‘Audio/Video’ are set for ‘HDMI’)

Thx for the reply, I have now resolved the problem all I had to do was change the video size calibration from 95% to 100% and that fixed it. Thanks again