3D MPO files

I have a couple of 3D Smart TVs - a Samsung and an LG. Both of them are capable of viewing MPO files.

Unfortunately neither of them detect the MP files from the NAS and it’s the same with my PS3. I assume the NAS doesn’t support these files; I’ve looked in the settings but can’t see anything. Is thare anything that can be done or is MPO file support likely to be offered in the future?

The media server built into the My Cloud NAS is Twonky.  Twonky doesn’t support MPO files by default.

But if you google “Twonky MPO” you can find out instructions on how to “hack” it to add them to the listings.

You’ll also need to ensure your TVs support MPO via DLNA.   Many times, certain media types are only supported via USB direct connection.

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Thanks - but that seems to be for cases when the Twonky Resources file is on a desktop, not a NAS…or am I missing something?

It’s the same for the NAS.

You just need to SSH into the NAS and cd to the correct directory and edit the txt file.

cd /usr/local/twonkymedia-7/resources /filescanner-extended-formats.txt

Thanks but probably a bit above my technical capabilities; I’d probably mess something up. For now I’ll just put them on a pen stick. Serves as another level of back up I suppose.