3d mkv on wd tv live?

Ok, I’m a total noob when it comes to 3d.  What I want to know is, can I convert a 3d SBS mkv to a format that I can watch on a non-3d tv using anaglyph (red/blue) glasses?  I’ve gotten a 3d SBS mkv file to play on my computer with PowerDVD and the glasses.  But, is it possible to have the movie in a format that can be watched without the use of PowerDVD or a 3dtv by way of merging the SBS frames so as to avoid whatever it is that PowerDVD or the 3d tv does to make the video viewable as one frame rather than an SBS?

Hope that makes sense.  As far as I’m aware, the WD TV Live does not do any kind of conversion of SBS 3d MKV files on the fly.


If you have a 3D SBS file and you want to watch it in 3D Anaglyph (Blue/Cyan Glasses) on a Non 3D TV …

Then you need to download video conversion software on your PC and convert the SBS Stereoscopic to Anaglyth for

viewing on your  Non 3D TV (wearing Blue/Cyan glasses)

Tons of info using “Google” … type  “stereoscopic to anaglyph conversion”