39,000 pictures and it pauses

When playing all my pictures, 39,000 , using the library, randomy playing all, the media player plays about five in a row then pauses, and another five, them pauses. The delays sometimes are lengthy.

Anyone else getting these pauses. I’m sure part of the problem is the amout of pictures I have taken, but surely, it can load another picture while the other is being displayed.

How are you playing back the pictures, from the built-in drive, a USB drive or a network drive or computer?  The same occurs no matter the source? You can try resetting the Hub by its reset button, and also check it it has the latest firmware update.

I had a simular issue and fixed it by batch resizing all my images from 14MP to 1080p.

Because that’s the max my TV can display, anything above that is just a waste of size and resources on the hub.

I still have the originals and the resized images look just as good *If not better* on my 50’ plasma as the originals.

Because they are MUCH smaller they load much faster. I get no delay now as it loads fast and smooth.

It’s a option for you if you can’t find another way.


I’m using a NAS drive 3TB, I have 6 drives in totoal, and I don;t use all 6 at once.

I added one to my library on the WD Live, and play all the picture from there, unless I want a specific folder etc.

My network is all gigabite here… the best.

I’ll let you edit my 39,000 photos and then we can see…

Hehe, thats nothing.

Would take me a few minutes to resize them all. I have over 200.000 images i resized :wink:

You need somehting like ACDSee Pro like i use. It lets you do a batch resize on them all. You set the size you want and it does it all auto for you quickly.

There are lots of free software that will do this, just google it. “Free batch photo resize”

Doing a quick search myself, this one looks good? 


Either way, the meadi player should not do this.

Five seconds to display an image is long enough to load the next picture.

I do not have 39,000 pictures, but I do have (last time I checked) over 9000 tracks in my iTunes Music that is on a HD attached to my Live Plus, so perhaps some of what I have to say applies to :googles" of any media files for the WDTV to process and even shuffle.  I think we are asking a lot from our little machine.

First thought:    You may have too much and too complex of data, and it overloads the little media player.  For example, when I tried to shuffle play a few hundred of the music files, I found the media player is a lame random shuffler.  It starts shuffling from where you begin and it selects some tunes forward and back from this starting point., but it doesn’t reach too far in either direction.  So, I don’t use the shuffler except for individual albums.  The best way I found to random shuffle my music is to use iTunes DJ to create 100-track playlists the media player can handle.

But, we are not talking music, we are talking about pictures, so consider making your set of pictures to shuffle smaller and see how it handles, say, 100 pictures in a folder.  If it is still slow in changing them, then perhaps they are too complex, so take that same 100 photos and reduce their size as other have suggested you do.  Now, have things improved? 

You need to explore other operational options instead of insisting that “it should work” the way you want it to. 

I don’t think the media player is “prefetching” the next image.   I don’t believe it begins to load the next one until the timer expires.

TonyPh12345 wrote:

I don’t think the media player is “prefetching” the next image.   I don’t believe it begins to load the next one until the timer expires.


So, what do you thinks is making it run slow… perhaps just because the files are so large?

Yeah, that’s probably the biggest part of it…

JPG decode is probably done in software, and the CPU isn’t really that fast to begin with.