38% drive fragmentation & can't get less

I have a WD Scorpio Black 320G running in a Toshiba laptop on Vista

(drive is six months old).No problems with the drive, but even after I

defgragment I can never get less than 38% drive fragmentation. Drive

health is “good”, and says “no need to defragment now”, whether I try

to defrag using Windows or Piriform Defraggler. Is there a reason why

it won’t defrag more than I can get it? 38% sure seems high to me.

That’s not necessarily the drive, run the Western Digital DLG available for download at www.wdc.com this should test your drive.

If it isn’t necessarily the drive, what else could it be? The download is to test the drive, no?

But Piriform and Windows both say the drive health is “good”. I suppose that the DLG would

perform a more detailed analysis, which would be an appopriate ‘next step’ (?) Is 38% defrag.

outside of the norm? Just wondering…