38 Days to copy my photos

I’ve a couple of problems…

Firstly if I use the web interface I see both my My Cloud Home units in “relay” mode, despite uPnP being enabled on my router. If I use the app on an iPad they show as local. My Mac and iPad are both on the same wifi on the same router so why the difference?

The bigger problem is that, I’m trying to copy over about 200Gb of photos - the whole reason for buying the device. It starts with an optimistic 3 hours and then gradually goes up to 38 days, where my patience snaps. There must be a better way to do this?

I am dragging and dropping in Finder from my hard disk to the My Cloud.

I have a gigabit unmanaged switch for both MyCloud Home and they plug into a Gigabit port on the router. In a vain attempt to speed things up, I’ve plugged an ethernet cable into the Mac and into the same gigabit unmanaged switch.

I bought this device to make backing up large amounts of data easy (otherwise what is the point of a 3Tb drive). It is doing anything but make it easy

Please help

I do not have a Home device, I do have a WD My Cloud NAS model DL2100. I have no idea what your problem is, because when I want to copy files from a PC or attached drive mu PC and NAS are connected to network via same gigabit switch. My files transfer flawlessly at 113 MB/sec between devices (approx one minute for a 6 gig video file).

You should be able to do the same. You need to refer to the complete user manual and figure out what is wrong.

@iannich The following article may help

Thanks. I read those articles before posting.

They don’t answer why I see the MCH in relay mode.

And I am not even achieving the suggested real world speeds - it is in KBs at best.

@SBrown I’ve now rewired things so that the Mac and MCH both go directly in the UPnP enabled router.
Still shows up as being Relay, still unacceptably slow. Please help

Relay mode will occur when the MCH cannot get into port forward mode.
I recommend contacting support for further assistance and/or deeper investigation

Thanks, I have raised a case

@SBrown - what begin and end ports & protocol do I need to use if I set up port forwarding on my router please?

The MCH use random HTTPS TCP port range from 40000 to 49999. You’ll need to check your routers UPnP or connected devices table to see the existing port assignment. However, it is not possible to forward any port on the MCH so if the external port changes from say 45444 to 45777, you’ll need to modify the port forward rule on the router.

This article can help