32bits on a GPT harddisc

Hi there, my deskcomputer as follows Windows 7 32 bits harddrive 465GB NTFS.
My recently purchased external drive My Book 3TB, exFat, GPT

Two main questions:

-) Cannot make a clone of my internal drive to My Book since 32-bits willnot boot from a GPT-disc, what the best to do, why and how ?.

-) Cannot make a systemcopy since My Book drive is not NTFS formatted, what the best to do, why and how ?.

Appreciate your attention, time and feedback


You can convert your GPT disk into a traditional MBR disk by writing zeros in order to destroy the partition table and initialize the hard drive from scratch. External booting is not supported by Western Digital though, which means even after properly formatting your unit there’s no guarantee you’ll be able to boot from it.

As for the file system, you can format it in Windows Explorer and Disk Management from exFAT to NTFS as a regular hard drive even if you don’t change the partition table from GPT to MBR.