320GB passport essential ISSUES!

I have a 320GB passport essential. bought it when I had an XP, plugged it in, transferred the files and transferred to my new vista. wife transfered her photos to her laptop and the child knocked it out of the usb and crashed to the floor. did not need to use it again until recently and now i have these problems–> 5 attempt lock out, will not initialize drive (drive management), will not format, firmware cannot update. in a nutshell its a 320GB paperweight right now. Is it totally fried? i have tried all my usb ports, tried all my usb ports on my XP and tried it on the laptop. all have same results, found new hardware but does not show up in my computer OR it found the mass storage but its corrupted. I KNOW its the unit though the data lifeguard says it was a cable failure. I have yet to try a new cable but in the meantime, what can i try?

Please let WD check this product,am facing the same problem after coping all my files and data into the drive and i restored my system to its factory settings.To copy back my files is a big problem or to even format.I have returned its to the shop i purchased it and they keep giving me story.